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Nicholas Borton is a machine intelligence hardware architect at SRC, Inc. and vice chair of the SOSA Steering Committee. Borton has worked at SRC for more than 17 years and is currently conducting research in edge-machine-learning to maximize the use of size, weight, power, and cost, in addition to furthering open standards adoption at SRC. Borton earned his bachelor’s degrees in both computer engineering and electrical engineering from Clarkson University.

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Leveraging the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) for radar applications - Story

February 11, 2022

With the highly anticipated release of Version 1.0 of the Sensor Open Systems Architecture Technical Standard in September 2021, there are more and more Requests for Information and contracts asking specifically for SOSA. The SOSA Technical Standard is targeting five sensor modalities: electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR), electronic warfare (EW), radar, and signals intelligence (SIGINT). What does the first version of the SOSA Technical Standard have to offer a system designer? Specifically, how can SOSA be applied to radar systems?

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