Military Embedded Systems

PODCAST: Driving open architectures in F-35 avionics and other military platforms.


May 10, 2019

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

Open architectures will make tech refreshes such as the latest avionics modernization (Technology Refresh 3 (TR3)) on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and other platforms much more efficient and cost effective in the long run. In the latest McHale Report Podcast, Bryant Henson, vice president and general manager for Harris Corporation?s Electronic Systems Avionics Business Unit details how through the open architecture approach, the F-35's next-gen Integrated Core Processor (ICP) is targeted to generate a 75 percent reduction in unit cost compared to the current system, as well as a 25-time increase in computing power to support planned capability enhancements, greater software stability, higher reliability, and increased diagnostics that result in lower sustainment costs.

During the podcast he also covers the Department of Defense's (DoD's) open architecture initiatives such as the Hardware Open Systems Technologies) effort and the advantages they bring.

This podcast is sponsored by Aerospace Tech Week, which will take place on 18/19th March 2020 in Toulouse, FRANCE. The show, is held in Munich, Germany every other year. This year it encompassed three different events -- Avionics Expo, Connected Aircraft Europe, and Aerospace Testing Europe. To learn more about Aerospace Tech Week 2020, visit

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