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Rugged PCIe 4.0 Server Appliance Enabling Complex Military AI

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By Ron Javor, Product Marketing Manager at One Stop Systems

OSS 3U-SDSOne Stop Systems AI on the Fly® product portfolio enables the emerging category of complex military AI Transportable applications such as autonomous vehicles, situational command and control, aerospace, and video-based inference and security. Such applications require real-time decision making with limited or no connectivity to a centralized datacenter and often in harsh environmental conditions.

The OSS 3U-SDS is a PCIe 4.0 Rugged Server Appliance in a compact, 20” short-depth, ruggedized system that makes no compromises in performance with industry-leading PCIe Gen4 COTS processing and storage components with 200Gb/s data ingest and networking. For example, when maximally configured for AI inference on INT4 sparse neural networks, a single 3U-SDS can provide up to 9.9 PetaOPS compute power, and even more when paired with OSS PCIe Gen4 rugged expansion systems, like the 4UPro and additional compute accelerators.

In addition to its shallow depth, the 3U-SDS is highly ruggedized to meet the demanding MIL-SPEC-810G, providing high-reliability through rough transport scenarios and environments that are stressed by shock and vibration, humidity, altitude, and large operating temperature ranges. The 3U-SDS embodies a lightweight aluminum chassis, supporting transportability.  

A key data security feature of the 3U-SDS includes removable Drive Packs which uses two canisters, each containing 8 solid-state drives supporting up to a Half-PetaByte of NVME PCIe 4.0 storage. The Removable Drive Packs are particularly beneficial for daily removal for security purposes when not in-use or attended. The highly ruggedized Removable Drive Packs can be exchanged daily for up to 3 years. Additionally, OSS is strategically partnered with KIOXIA to provide FIPS 140-2 encrypted SSDs for use in the drive packs.

OSS has developed its AI on the Fly portfolio of building block products to enable complex military AI Transportables applications. For more information about OSS’ AI on the Fly PCIe Gen4 product portfolio, visit:

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