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Cooling Breakthrough Delivers Maximum Performance at High Temperatures

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SBC347DIf you’re paying for a 2.8 GHz processor – why slow it down to 2.2 GHz to prevent it failing?

Electronic systems generate heat. Excessive heat causes electronics systems to degrade and, eventually, fail. This situation is exacerbated when systems are deployed in tightly-confined spaces where air flow is at a premium – and cooling fans are not an option as they add weight and consume power. SBC347D-2Intel designed its processors to throttle back – trading lower performance for higher reliability. It is deemed to be a necessary compromise.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to a design breakthrough by Abaco, our SBC347D 3U VPX singe board computer can now operate at its full core speed at temperatures up to 75°C. Not only does that deliver better performance in a wider range of SWaP-constrained environments, it also makes that performance more predictable – essential in mission critical applications that require real time determinism.

How do we do that?

Abaco has combined its traditional solution for removing/spreading heat with a reliable space grade technology to move heat through the heat frame with a low temperature drop while maintaining 500V electrical isolation. This means that not only is the SBC347D able to perform at higher temperatures, but also it is a light weight solution compared to traditional solid metal heat sinks.

If you’re looking for a no-compromise solution for your advanced applications – one that delivers maximum performance across a higher temperature range – nothing comes close to the Abaco SBC347D.

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