Military Embedded Systems

MRAPs still to be used (somewhat) despite U.S. Army's focus on JLTV


April 18, 2012

Alice Moss

Military Embedded Systems

In spite of the U.S. Army’s focus on the modernized Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), Mine-Resistant, Ambush-Protected (MRAP) vehicles are still expected to report for (some) duty.

While most of the Army’s 20,000 MRAPs are situated in Afghanistan and not going anywhere at the moment, the Letterkenny Army Depot in PA and the Red River Army Depot in TX are receiving from Kuwait other MRAPs, which are slated for suiting up with enhancements created to fit later models.

However, in light of the Army’s focus on JLTV as the vehicle of choice, MRAPs will not be forming an “MRAP brigade,” according to Service officials. Instead, MRAPs will be utilized for route clearance tasks and training soldiers, in addition to being arranged into “contingency sets” that are mission-ready when needed by soldiers on the battlefield.

More than 270,000 vehicles presently constitute the Army’s tactical wheeled fleet.