Military Embedded Systems

Tactical communications system in development for Spain's armed forces


December 22, 2020

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Thales image.

SPAIN. Indra and Thales, two defense technology companies, have signed an agreement to work in partnership to offer a next-generation tactical communications system to Spain’s Armed Forces. The new communications system will aim to enhance interoperability during international missions, and ensure Spain’s full sovereignty and technical autonomy over strategic military communications.

The offer from Indra and Thales comprises the development of new high-technology products and solutions in Spain, based on a proven Thales solution. The new products will be based on Thales’ SYNAPS radio product family, enhanced with new features to be developed jointly with Indra.

Indra and Thales’ radio hardware and software expertise, as well as their experience in operations, mean both companies will aim to provide services support to the Spanish Armed Forces throughout the product lifecycle.

The partnership is intended to bring significant mutual benefits for both companies, strengthening Indra’s solutions portfolio, and consolidating Thales’ industrial footprint in the defence sector in Spain, according to the companies.

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