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Articles related to Curtiss-Wright

Defense trends lead to a COTS renaissance - Story

October 12, 2011
The COTS industry is positioned perfectly to meet the DoD?s changing demands for affordable and mature technological alternatives that ensure reliability and product road maps.

PCOTS versus LRU: COTS moving up the integration food chain - Story

September 02, 2011
Advantages in cost, design risk, and time-to-market, plus the ability to leverage LRUs into a packaged subsystem, have PCOTS on the rise; even as fully integrated systems.

A new chapter in secure "Data at Rest" using cryptography - Story

July 25, 2011
Cryptography has evolved over many years to prevent unauthorized access to communications, whether the information was transported by courier, teletype, radio waves, or the Internet. Its use in protecting information on computer storage devices is a relatively new and rapidly evolving cryptographic technology.

Understanding FMC interoperability - Story

July 25, 2011
As FMCs continue to increase in popularity it is important to be familiar with the differences between different classes of FMC cards.

AVX: A leap forward for DSP performance - Story

June 20, 2011
AVX delivers doubled performance over AltiVec, and leaves the door open for a long future in DSP applications.

Among a chassis' biggest fans - Product

May 24, 2011
We've got high-performance CPUs mixed up with barn-burning GPUs next to screaming 1 GbE controllers.

The growth of IP communications drives advances in embedded military data security - Story

April 29, 2011
Multiple threats demand innovative security measures: Ethernet security technologies provide multifunctional, multi-layered responses that offer a more dynamic defense than software-based security methodologies.