Military Embedded Systems

Cyber offense the best defense for military organizations, study says


December 18, 2020

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

LONDON. The best way for countries to secure their military and civilian cyber capabilities is through cooperation with other states: This is one of the findings of a recent market study from GlobalData, "Cybersecurity in Defense -- Thematic Research."

Cybersecurity -- a domain that is continuously evolving as threats evolve as well -- is problematic because the military, civilian organizations, or even nations themselves cannot keep pace with threats and responses. The study authors assert that addressing these gaps will require cooperation among states, joint work between agencies, increased funding, and much faster procurement processes. 

The study authors admit that cooperation with other states is not an easy task, as it requires planning and funding, but say that agencies and organizations such as NATO and the European Defense Agency are able to provide the required support to develop collective defenses. The research also found that with the digitization of the battlefield and the importance of expeditionary forces, cybersecurity is even more critical for use in edge systems, which would include C4ISR [command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance] infrastructure deployed in the battlefield, plus vehicles, vessels, aircraft and space systems.

For more information on this cybersecurity study, visit the GlobalData website

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