Military Embedded Systems

Optimizing Cybersecurity on Today’s Connected Military and Commercial Aircraft


November 04, 2020

The number of data communication links and interactions between an aircraft and the ground systems supporting it are ever increasing. If not properly protected, every system, sensor, and module on the aircraft can create a potential vulnerability that can be exploited by unauthorized users to obtain confidential, sensitive data or – worse – disrupt the safe operation of an aircraft.
Implementing the right security strategy and features is of paramount importance to protect the exchange of tactical information, maintain the integrity of command and control links between ground stations and airborne platforms, and minimize the number of different points where an unauthorized user can either input or extract data (also known as the “attack surface”).
In this white paper, we explore the increased opportunities for malicious threats to compromise the connectivity between airborne platforms and ground stations, as well as the solutions, tools, standards, and countermeasures developed to enhance avionics systems’ cybersecurity and data protection

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Download Whitepaper
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