Military Embedded Systems

Data filtering, AI, ML-based technologies aim to help DoD analyze huge data loads


October 17, 2019

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Data filtering, AI, ML-based technologies aim to help DoD analyze huge data loads

SUNNYVALE, Calif. IIoT connectivity company Real-Time Innovations (RTI) won two Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contracts worth $2 million to advance the capabilities of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

Under the terms of the contracts, the RTI software will implement data filtering and semantic compression in the effort to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the modeling and simulation (M&S) systems the DoD uses. M&S systems can easily generate hundreds of terabytes of simulation data that need to be transmitted and analyzed, which is a major part of systems used in autonomous vehicle, defense, and aerospace applications.

The first SBIR Phase II initiative, according to company information, calls for RTI to deploy its software together with Boon Logic’s embedded artificial intelligence (AI) machine-based learning technology to intelligently examine simulation data in real time, which results in a much higher quality of the captured data. The RTI/Boon Logic paired solution will capture the critical moments before and after every incident in high resolution, while downsampling the rest, thereby drastically reducing the amount of data the DoD needs to collect and analyze, enabling these M&S systems to run more efficiently at a lower cost.

The second SBIR Phase II contract will focus on developing advanced compression techniques, company officials report: RTI’s software will enable real-time, extensible compression to be applied to the data, substantially reducing the amount of time it takes for the data to move over a long-distance network.

“These SBIR contracts allow us to prioritize research efforts into needed features for the DoD,” said Paul Pazandak, Director of Research at RTI. “SBIR contracts allow us to explore advanced concepts that feed into future product development, enabling us to commercialize next-generation innovative products that will bring tremendous value to the DoD and our customers across all industries.”



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