Military Embedded Systems


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The shift to standards-based hardware for military communications: What role will COTS systems play? - Story

December 09, 2014
A paradigm shift has taken place within the Department of Defense (DoD) when it comes to deciding which military hardware to use in the field. Traditional purpose-built platforms, with development cycles of five to seven years, have given way to commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems, which feature development cycles of just a few months. This shorter development time facilitates a much quicker response to emerging threats. COTS systems also have inherent cost savings that make them an attractive option. These systems are also much more complex than traditional proprietary systems, as they handle exponentially growing sources of information that require near-real-time analytical processing and a rich media experience for the end user. Given all this, the shift toward higher utilization of COTS hardware is a powerful tool for efficiently and effectively managing military threats.
Articles 1 - 1