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2010: New decade, new ideas


December 15, 2009

Don Dingee

Contributing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Embedded Computing Design is getting a fresh look for the New Year.

As you might have noticed, we’re all ready for 2010 around here. We’ve got a brand-new magazine look, and in conjunction with the redesign, we’re relaunching our website. For more details on the website, take a look at “Got a Sec …” on page 30 – this month featuring our Embedded Channels.

The highlight of this issue was asking industry leaders to tell us what’s happening in the market now and what big trends they expect will take hold during the next decade of embedded computing. We approached companies in the three areas of silicon, software, and strategies, which is how you’ll see content organized in our new format.

We are very pleased with the responses we received to our invitations to participate in the new Embedded Computing Design and this 2010 trends issue. Companies are embracing the idea that embedded devices are creating a huge opportunity to change the way embedded computing is designed and used, and the comments these executives shared show the range of innovative thinking going on in our industry.

For the Q&As in this issue, we asked one common question: “What would you say is the one overriding trend that will reshape the way devices are developed in this new decade?” Respondents are reading the other participants’ answers for the first time, right along with you. Not surprisingly, most of our virtual panelists couldn’t pick just one important trend. Here are five trends that were unmistakably on multiple minds.

Power efficiency

Many panelists saw power efficiency as a key topic, for practical purposes. Power is the issue driving worry-free consumer purchase decisions and usage. Less power means smaller, longer-lasting batteries, and that allows designers to innovate new and exciting device ideas.

Human interfaces

Panelists across the board called out this issue, emphasizing that the proliferation of these new embedded devices is making ease of use and overall experience critical requirements that need to be addressed. This is interesting because everyone has a different idea how that should be done.

Cloud apps

Cloud computing gets a lot of IT buzz, and it’s worth noting that several of our panelists think this is the next big embedded computing trend. The central idea is simple: When you have a good network connection, not all the computing horsepower has to be in the device itself.

Many, multi together

The novelty of processor cores is starting to be replaced with the reality that programming is integral to the job. The idea of the many-core processor with the multi-OS approach for an application is quickly coming to the forefront, and a better definition of the term virtualization and how apps won’t go far without it is also appearing.

Wireless is more

Embedded devices will need wireless connections, and several technologies can fit the needs of consumers. The game-changing trend is that many devices will have more than one wireless connection. Where we get embedded networks is also changing, and “new” companies are entering the embedded space. Interoperability will also get more attention as devices, people, and the cloud start working together.

All of our respondents had thought-provoking things to say, so be sure to read these Q&A sessions in the pages that follow. Also, take a look at our special Editor’s Choice Speakout section starting on page 28 where companies revisit selections by OpenSystems Media editorial staff during 2009 with new comments on the thinking behind those products.

I’ll close for now by saying our staff does a great job, and I extend a big thanks to all of them for their dedication, insight, and creativity. We’d really enjoy hearing what you think of our new look and where we’re heading, and encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas with us.


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