Military Embedded Systems

Collaborative combat project for European forces moves forward


January 19, 2024

Dan Taylor

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Image courtesy Thales

BRUSSELS, Belgium. The European Commission initiated the Land Tactical Collaborative Combat (LATACC) project, led by Thales, aimed at enhancing the collaborative capabilities of European coalition forces, Thales announced in a statement.

This project, involving a consortium of 34 industry players and research institutes from 13 European countries, is intended to improve allied decision-making and operational response in high-intensity conflict scenarios, the statement reads.

The LATACC project, receiving €49 million in funding from the European Defence Fund, is designed to enable various land combat systems from member states to coordinate actions efficiently in coalition, with a focus on interfacing with other domains including air, space, cyber, and civil systems like 5G, the company says.

The project also involves Rheinmetall, Leonardo, Indra, Saab, ISD, and John Cockerill Defense and will leverage expertise in cloud technologies, communications, sensors, complex systems integration, robotics, AI, and system resilience, the statement adds.

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