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Managing the military’s big data challenge - Story

August 04, 2020

With every second that ticks by, the amount of data gathered by the U.S. military grows, as does the desire and need by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to extract and use this data to form actionable intelligence. This situation directly results in an intense demand for military technology manufacturers to quickly produce both software and hardware capable of first processing the zettabytes of data that exist on Internet of Things (IoT) devices and then accurately analyzing its value. Successful gathering, processing, and analyzing will effectively change warfare as it is understood today.


Radar and electronic warfare system modeling - Story

November 13, 2018
Active electronically steered phased array (AESA) systems provide the technology platform for multifunction radio-frequency (RF) systems. Today?s systems can include a combination of radar, electronic warfare (EW), and communications functionality within the same physical system using a common antenna array front end. To reduce the risk of system errors and overcome challenging interference sources, system modeling techniques can be used to design a system before any equipment is developed. These techniques can also be used for analysis during the up-front requirements phase of a program. The same types of systems can also be used to model an adversary?s system capability.

Space missions gaining vision, precision, autonomy - Story

June 01, 2018
Space missions requiring higher levels of autonomy and greater precision in navigation are becoming increasingly prevalent, and vision-based sensing systems are acting as a technology enabler for these application types. With high-precision relative navigation, these systems are playing a critical role in rendezvous and proximity operations (RPO); entry, descent, and landing (EDL); and robotic exploration of the solar system. With the private sector driving more ambitious mission requirements through technological advances such as autonomous satellite servicing, the future of these applications is looking bright.

Next generation wireless R&D: the rise of the multi-functional engineer - Blog

September 29, 2016
The next generation of wireless communications systems is driving a new level of technology integration. Higher data rates, massive connectivity for systems like the Internet of Things (IoT), lower power consumption, and other ambitious goals can only be achieved by combining advanced digital, RF, and antenna technologies. Traditionally, each of these components has been designed separately, only to be integrated, tested, and debugged after the first hardware prototype is built. The days of this approach, with domain experts working separately, using separate tools, are numbered.

Radar design software enhanced by MathWorks - News

March 28, 2013
NATICK, MA. The MathWorks Phased Array System Toolbox has been updated with MATLAB and Simulink to accelerate modeling and simulation of radar systems. The Phased Array System Toolbox is an end-to-end tool for modeling radar data processing or phased array systems using array perturbations, broadband arrays, and polarization. The enhancements in Release 2013a (R2013a) allow developers to model more complex scenarios.

DO-178C Model-Based Design support released by MathWorks - News

December 14, 2012
NATICK, MA. Release 2012b (R2012b) of the DO Qualification Kit has been announced by MathWorks. The Model-Based Design (MBD) kit assists engineers in qualifying the Polyspace and Simulink verification tools for DO-178C, as well as supplements including DO-331. The support provides a standardized global framework for quickening embedded aerospace system certification using MBD.