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DO-178C Model-Based Design support released by MathWorks


December 14, 2012

Brandon Lewis

Technology Editor

Embedded Computing Design

NATICK, MA. Release 2012b (R2012b) of the DO Qualification Kit has been announced by MathWorks. The Model-Based Design (MBD) kit assists engineers in qualifying the Polyspace and Simulink verification tools for DO-178C, as well as supplements including DO-331. The support provides a standardized global framework for quickening embedded aerospace system certification using MBD.

R2012b enhances the DO Qualification Kit by providing procedures, test cases, and documentation for the Polyspace and Simulink tools for the DO-178C supplements DO-333 Formal Methods, DO-332 Object-Oriented Technology and Related Techniques, DO-331 Model-Based Development and Verification, and DO-330 Software Tool Qualification Considerations. The upgrades to the kit are based on existing MathWorks DO-178 MBD tools such as the DO-178 Process Deployment Advisory Service. Further, the kit contains tool operational requirements and qualification plans, among other materials, required to qualify software verification tools under Criteria 2 and Criteria 3.

Steve Morton, Level A FAA Software DER, commented on the release, "The verification workflow described in the DO Qualification Kit matches industry best practice and the expectations of the FAA software certification community, including verification independence, executable object code verification, and structural coverage analysis for automatically generated code."

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