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MULTIGIG RT 3VITA recently released a new standard, VITA 46.3. It defines a VPX connector that supports data rates of at least 25 Gb/s and are mateable with legacy VITA 46 connectors. If this sounds familiar, it’s because VITA 46.3 was based on an existing product: the MULTIGIG RT 3 backplane connector. 

MULTIGIG RT 3 is the fastest rugged backplane connector made by TE Connectivity (TE), capable of 25 Gb/s+ speeds with Ethernet 100GBASE-KR4. And thanks to durable thermoplastic and copper alloy construction, MULTIGIG RT 3 is also the lightest rugged backplane connector on the market. This makes MULTIGIG RT 3 ideal for military electronics, C4ISR electronic warfare systems, avionics, ground defense, missile defense and space applications. 

The connector uses the same quad-redundant contact system proven in previous generations of MULTIGIG products. Compared to traditional pin-and-socket contact systems, MULTIGIG RT 3’s printed-circuit wafers eliminate the open pin field on backplanes, reducing the likelihood of field failure in card cage systems.

Because MULTIGIG RT 3’s modular design is backward compatible with all legacy VITA 46 standards, engineers can easily swap older MULTIGIG connectors to increase system speed. Which means making the switch to faster, more rugged backplane performance is simpler and more cost effective than ever before. 

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