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xMOR product family The aerospace and defense industry is ever evolving, proving out new technology that tests the limits of space exploration, innovation in flight and advancement in defense capability. From low-orbit satellites to deep space missions, long mission UAVs to advanced next-gen missiles – a broad range of innovation requires a broad range of reliable and performant solutions.

The 'x' in our new lnterpoint® brand xMOR product family represents a customers' variable, the power conversion solution needed to enable innovation. 

Soon, Crane A&E will be revealing its new, full xMOR product family featuring world-class power conversion solutions for deep space (sMOR), new space (rMOR) and defense (hMOR), as well as COTS (cMOR) offerings. With our new 120-watt lnterpoint xMOR product family, we look forward to Powering Your Mission. 

AVAILABLE NOW! Crane A&E's lnterpoint hMOR power converter combines lnterpoint's proven quality and excellence with improved performance for mission-critical defense & aerospace applications. The hMOR converter is MIL-PRF-38534 Class H compliant, lightweight, highly efficient and supports fast start-up for quick boot-up systems. 

To learn more about our xMOR product family contact Priscilla Edamatsu - [email protected] or Simon Abel – [email protected].

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