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ENET & NLINE: Real-Time 1553 & ARINC Ethernet Converters

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Real-Time 1553 & ARINC Ethernet ConvertersAlta Data Technologies’ ENET and NLINE products offer MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC Ethernet connectivity in small, rugged packaging.  Innovated by Alta, and now with 1000s deployed on 100s of flight programs, these modules provide real-time 1553/ARINC Ethernet transmission controls, while simultaneously auto-bridging 1553/ARINC receive messages to Ethernet:  monitor avionics messages from any computer on the network without any ENET programming – connect and go.

  • Ideal for both lab, simulators, or rugged-deployed systems. 
    Point-point or switched Ethernet networks.
  • One to four 1553 channels, and/or 8 ARINC channels
  • Small, candy-bar size packaging with MIL-810/461 environments and MIL-704 power
  • Small mezzanine (MEZ-E1553) board available for custom systems

Alta’s 1553-Ethernet products implement a real-time hardware UDP server with no operating system IP stacks, virtually eliminating virus concerns.  The product includes a full Berkley Socket Distribution (BSD) AltaAPI™ SDK with 100s of example and ESS test programs that can run on almost any operating system, even DO178 systems. Quick and easy integration with no worries about future computer or OS platforms.

In addition, Alta’s software is completely portable to the widest array of interface cards for PCI, PCIe, VPX (PCM or XMC), cPCI, PXI, PXIe, etc.  One to ten channels of 1553 on a single XMC board! All products are 100% MIL-STD-1553 A/B/C compliant with complete SAE AS 4111 test certifications.

Alta has grown from 2007 to be one of the largest, most innovative avionics COTS companies with over $175M in sales with 60,000 products shipped.  All backed with the industry leading five-year warranty.  Contact us today at – we’ll be glad to assist with any area of your 1553 or ARINC requirements.

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