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New Ellipse: Miniature RTK AHRS, INS & INS/GNSS

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New Ellipse: Miniature RTK AHRS, INS & INS/GNSS

SBG Systems renewed its popular line of miniature inertial sensors with high-end functionalities and RTK called the Ellipse Series. The third generation of this product line benefits from a 64-bit architecture allowing high precision signal processing. All the INS/GNSS now embed a dual-frequency, quad constellations GNSS receiver for centimetric position, and higher orientation accuracy.

Robustness and reliability have always been at the core of the Ellipse Series. Designed with high quality industrial-grade components, the new generation of Ellipse inertial sensors are highly tested and calibrated in dynamic and temperature for a consistent and repeatable behavior in all conditions.

Key Features:

  • Higher Accuracy: 0.05° Roll/Pitch, 0.2° Heading, 1 cm Position (RTK)
  • Precise and reliable navigation in all conditions
  • Fast initialization for instant Heading and Position
  • Highly resistant to vibrations and shocks
  • Fusion with SAASM GNSS receiver
  • Major power consumption reduction for all products

All these features are made possible either in the 17-gram OEM version or the IP68 box version.

Ellipse Series 3rd Generation offers unmatched accuracy with RTK in a series of miniature industrial grade AHRS, INS, and INS/GNSS.

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