Military Embedded Systems

Top avionics stories of 2019


December 27, 2019

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

The top Avionics stories on for 2019 covered F-35 avionics, multicore for safety-critical applications, conformance with the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) standard, F-22 Raptor upgrades, and more. Check them out below.

1. Military aircraft avionics face new data-processing and security demands

2. Optimizing multicore architectures for safety-critical applications

3. Avionics safety certification for UASs must juggle security, multicore, mission challenges

4. PODCAST: Driving open architectures in F-35 avionics and other military platforms

5. Streamlining the aircraft safety-certification process

6. F-22 Raptor fleet upgrades process is accelerated through Lockheed Martin, Red Hat partnership

7. Your flying taxi is here

8. PODCAST: Military unmanned aircraft and counter-UAS market update

9. BAE Systems mission computer will run processing technology from Teledyne e2v, Wind River, and CoreAVI

10. FACE approach improves affordability, time-to-field of avionics systems and software platforms