Military Embedded Systems

Cybersecurity for satellites goal of HENSOLDT Cyber and Beyond Gravity collaboration


April 01, 2022

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems


GERMANY. Beyond Gravity (formerly RUAG Space) and HENSOLDT Cyber have announced a collaboration intended to offer the IT security operating system TRENTOS for the latest satellite computer Lynx from Beyond Gravity.

The company claims that ensuring a high level of IT security for satellites is at the heart of industry efforts to make satellites more robust and reliable. There is a strong demand for both highly secure IT solutions for ground systems on Earth, as well as for satellites in space.

HENSOLDT Cyber’s insists that its approach to cybersecurity is different from conventional IT solutions. Instead of standard add-on security products, HENSOLDT offers products that are designed to ensure the integrity of embedded systems at the core: the operating system and the processor.

With TRENTOS, HENSOLDT will aim to provide an easy way to enable security-by-design for space application development to oppose cyberwarfare. The high-security operating system is based on the seL4 microkernel, which provides proven security capabilities under all operating conditions. 


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