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Enabling SAVE Compliance in Army Ground Vehicles

SAVE-720 & DK3-SAVEStandardized A-Kit/Vehicle Envelope (SAVE) chassis, conform to size, weight, power, connector requirements and electrical interfaces for C5ISR systems identified under the SAVE standard. Chassis compliant to the SAVE standard are intended to address rugged electronic system packaging and connectivity requirements for deployment in Army ground vehicles.

LCR has introduced a SAVE compliant chassis for deployment and a SAVE system development chassis that enable the insertion of SAVE standard systems for use in mission critical applications. 

The SAVE-720 chassis and backplane supports 3U VPX SOSA aligned payloads as well as CMFF target payloads common to systems conforming to the standard. It includes the complete connector complement under the standard. The 7 payload and 2 power supply backplane enables use of
commonly applied SOSA aligned modules and their associated profiles. It is specifically designed to accommodate integrated payload combinations in SAVE deployment chassis including Ethernet switch, I/O intensive SBC, radial clock and compute intensive full aperture FPGA/RF cards. The rugged design is intended for deployment in a wide range of C5ISR applications as noted in the SAVE standard.

The DK3-SAVE is a development chassis for the test and integration of SAVE compliant systems intended for deployment in army ground vehicles. It includes the complete connector complement as defined under the SAVE standard thus enabling streamlined testing of target payloads. This versatile system includes a 12 slot pass-thru backplane with VPX power/ground/utility connections. There are 8 slots with full width VITA 67.3C apertures for RF and optical connectivity to the I/O panel. The backplane profile is established using the Meritec cabling system for all slot to slot connectivity and any slot to I/O panel connections.

  • Development and deployment solutions that streamline SAVE requirements implementation
  • SAVE-720 for deployment meets SAVE dimensional requirements: 9.3” (H), 15.9 (W) x 16.1"
  • DK3-SAVE for system integration development and test 

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