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LCR Embedded Systems
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Bridging the cooling gap in high-speed embedded systems - Story

August 13, 2020

By Steve Gudknecht and Jordan Sudlow

In the high-performance world of VPX for defense applications, aggregate payload power calls for creative strategies when addressing cooling at the chassis level as well. New high-performance applications will demand new inventiveness, if not outright new inventions, in applying and adapting established chassis-level cooling techniques while keeping costs down. Properly engineered VITA 48.2 chassis using air or liquid assist are capable of cooling payloads far more effectively compared to conduction-cooled-only chassis. These design extensions for 3U and 6U systems enable cost savings in applications which can support air and liquid cooling by leveraging a well-established VITA 48.2 supplier ecosystem.



Develop and test via stackable single-slot test fixture - Product

March 03, 2019
The VITA 48.2-compliant Stackable Single Slot Test Fixture from LCR Embedded Systems can be used for development, validation, and environmental testing. In the vertical configuration, the fixture can be used on the benchtop or desktop for development and validation. In the horizontal confi...