Military Embedded Systems

Navy AEGIS radar contract won by Raytheon


November 20, 2013

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

TEWKSBURY, MA. Raytheon won a $406 million contract to deliver AN/SPY-1 radar transmitters and MK99 Fire Control Systems for the Navy's AEGIS program. The systems perform track and missile guidance functions for AEGIS. Raytheon engineers are developing solid-state technologies to enhance component performance, reliability and extended service life of the systems.

The AN/SPY-1 and the MK99 are currently on the U.S. Navy's fleet of cruisers and destroyers, as well as Spanish F-100 Alvaro de Bazan-class frigates, Japanese Kongo-class destroyers, and Republic of Korea KDX-111 King Sejong the Great-class destroyers. The AN/SPY-1 radar will also be deployed on the Royal Australian navy's future Hobart-class Air Warfare Destroyer.

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