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Military and Aerospace Circuitry use Nano 360 Connectors

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Robust systems need high density, ruggedized electronics, in many portable applications for today’s military.  Nano-circular connectors are used to reduce weight and improve flexibility of the design. 

Military and Aerospace Circuitry use Nano 360™ ConnectorsApplications include cable to board circuits in miniature UAVs, (launched in the field), that must carry small surveillance images, or remote control signals to operate the craft.  Helicopter pilots use breakaway “Nano 360™” connectors to quickly disconnect helmet cabling to assist pilots in emergency exit from their aircraft.  Portable low voltage differential signaling devices, (LVDS) systems require good quality signal management, but must be very small and rugged for field applications. The new Nano 360™ connector and cable systems are some of the smallest military quality connectors in the world and are being used in a number of designs from break-away models to metal circular mating types. Some connectors are molded in right-angle shapes to fit into the equipment they serve. Many nano-connector systems carry nearly one ampere of current per line, and are shielded from electromagnetic noise. They also handle higher speed digital signals using twisted-pair interconnection systems. Water proof designs are being used in ground troop applications for “electronic-pac” equipment that coordinates team movements in the field. Standard connector sizes range from 2 to 28 positions with wire and panel mount shells. In many cases standard designs are redesigned using solid-models to meet a specific design needed in the field. The models are sent to the system designers to insure the modified interconnects meet the size, shape and needs of the application. The military’s ruggedized and highly portable industry is expanding rapidly and the use of high-reliability nano-circular interconnections is ready and mature.

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