Military Embedded Systems

Anti-drone market 'quickly expanding,' will reach $5.8B by 2029: report


August 29, 2022

Dan Taylor

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

DUBLIN, Ireland. A new report predicts that a rapidly growing anti-drone market will reach $5.8 billion by 2029 due to the growing usage of unmanned systems worldwide.

The report, from Research and Markets, that both public and military concern about security compromises posed by "unauthorized flying systems" is driving the market expansion.

"Also, the use of anti-drone for professional and recreational purposes has skyrocketed, raising public and government worries about aerial attacks," the report states. "Such risks have considerably aided the design of anti-drone defenses. Several public safety authorities and commercial establishments throughout the world are rapidly employing anti-drone technologies to meet the growing need for security."

Also, governments are putting in place rules for unmanned aircraft usage, which is also increasing demand for anti-drone systems to enforce those regulations.