Military Embedded Systems

C-UAS, other protection to be developed for UK Army land vehicles by Qinetiq


January 22, 2024

Dan Taylor

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Image courtesy Qinetiq

PORTON DOWN, Wiltshire. Qinetiq won a contract from the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory to better protect the British Army's land armored vehicles from using drones and other weapons, the company announced in a statement.

This program, managed through the Aurora Engineering Delivery Partnership (EDP), designates Leonardo UK as the principal systems integrator, leading a team that includes Thales, CGI, Roke, Ultra Electronics, and Frazer Nash, the statement reads. Qinetiq is the lead EDP partner.

The project aims to build upon the Icarus TDP, a prior initiative led by Leonardo, concluded in July 2021. This new phase signifies a continuation of the UK Modular Integrated Protection System (MIPS) program, focusing on developing an integrated protection system architecture for various British Army vehicles, including tanks and armored personnel carriers, to counter a range of threats, the statement continues.

The MIPS program's second phase involves advancing the protection systems to address future threats effectively, which includes the development of an adaptable architecture for different armored vehicle types, the statement reads. Specifically, the program will focus on countering uncrewed aerial systems (C-UAS), rocket-propelled grenades, and anti-tank guided weapons using layered and flexible system configurations.

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