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3-Slot Featherweight VPX System for UAVs, Ground Mobile, Man-Pack

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3-Slot Featherweight VPX System for UAVs, Ground Mobile, Man-Pack

As the role played by autonomous vehicles (airborne, ground mobile, and underwater) becomes more and more complex, the data gathering and processing demands made on their payloads and on mission and flight management has grown by leaps and bounds. Of course, this has also meant that the amount of equipment the vehicle must carry has grown as well — and every gram of material carried by an autonomous vehicle is precious, circumscribing both its fuel and power budgets as well as its total payload.

Designed in collaboration with industry leader ADLINK, and featuring ADLINK processor blades and Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), LCR Embedded Systems’ fully integrated, conduction-cooled, featherweight 3-Slot VPX System (shown at right) will break new ground in addressing these concerns and allow for the massive expansion of payload performance and processing power for autonomous vehicles.

The 3-Slot VPX System will feature ADLINK’s VPX3010 processor blade based on the Intel® Xeon® processor D, and the second payload slot can hold either a Gigabit Ethernet switch or an ADLINK VPX3G10 Graphics Processing Unit.

  • Ideal for small UAVs, man-pack, ground mobile
  • 3-Slot VITA 48.2 VPX featuring superior cooling and processing
  • Super-efficient chassis design
  • Available in multiple configurations for demanding sensor management applications
  • Features ADLINK VPX3010 processor blade with the Intel® Xeon® D processor
  • Supports high-speed signaling
  • Optional MIL-STD-1553 XMC card for communication with avionics bus
  • Removable SSD hard drive
  • Input power compliant to MIL-STD-704/MIL-STD-1275


  • Network video recorder can include multiple flash drives
  • Can network multiple sensors and cameras, and other payload LRUs
  • Video analysis processor can include GPU-accelerated
  • OpenCV/OpenCL or NVIDIA VisionWorks™/cuDNN
  • Radar Processor could include massively parallel processing

With Gigabit Switch:

  • Virtualized application processor can include Multi-core Xeon D, Hypervisor
  • Network gateway processor can carry out firewall or IP security and encryption functions with PrismTech™ Vortex DDS software
  • VPX3010 processor card can include XMCs for video ingest, A/D and D/A or comms
  • Perfect for demanding, data-intensive mission management

Join the growing number of customers and programs that use LCR's integrated systems for in-the-field mission-critical computing. To learn more about LCR Embedded Systems, go to, contact us by phone (800) 747-5972, or email [email protected].

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