Military Embedded Systems

AI software for anomaly detection highlighted at SOF Week 2023


May 09, 2023

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

SOF Week 2023 – TAMPA, Fla. Artificial intelligence (AI) software company Accrete AI is showing its Argus dual-use anomaly detection AI agent at this week's SOF Week 2023 convention. 

The company announced that Argus has some groundbreaking new capabilities, designed to empower Special Operations communities to transcend traditional social-listening tools and "gain the information advantage."

According to company information, Argus is a highly configurable dual-use anomaly detection analytical AI agent that continuously analyzes the open-source web -- in multiple languages -- to root out and predict anomalous and nefarious behavior that could have an effect on supply chains, sfotware security, logistics resilience, viral mis/disinformation, insider threats, and more.

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