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AI System Design for Rugged Military EnvironmentsBy Braden Cooper, Product Marketing Manager at One Stop Systems

The increased demand for Artificial Intelligence systems in commercial and military applications requires datacenter speed at the edge. Advances in data processing through compute acceleration have led to a tug-of-war relationship between data collection and processing.  While commercial applications scale data processing through cloud-based computing in datacenters, military applications cannot always utilize these facilitating environments, requiring more portable and ruggedized solutions

For ruggedized thermal design, the temperature range must be considered alongside the air properties. For high altitude applications, air density must be factored into thermal design as the volumetric flow becomes less effective.  Thermal requirements must often be proven through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations and validated through qualification testing.

For mobile military applications, it is important to consider how the unit will be mounted or installed within the vehicle, which will translate to how the forces are imparted to the system and ultimately the electronics therein.  Vibration requirements can be further complicated by natural resonances – often requiring the system in design to not exhibit any natural modes below 100Hz.  Finite element analysis (FEA) simulation demonstrates how the vibrational and load forces applied to the system through the mounting structure relate to the stress applied to the critical components.

By validating military ruggedized HPC systems through analysis, simulation, and lab testing, the unit can be reliably deployed to mission environments with low risk of environmental failure. One Stop Systems (OSS) incorporates thermal and structural analysis through simulation as key design tools to meet the wide variety of environmental demands of some of the industry leaders in military HPC applications.  From data ingest through FPGAs, to high-speed NVMe storage, to data processing through GPU computing, OSS is a pioneer in AI on the Fly ®, bringing the compute power of HPC to the unique environmental requirements of military AI applications.

Disclaimer: This article may contain forward-looking statements based on One Stop Systems’ current expectations and assumptions regarding the company’s business and the performance of its products, the economy and other future conditions and forecasts of future events, circumstances, and results.

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