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Rugged rack-scale AI solution from One Stop Systems debuts at Sea-Air-Space


May 06, 2019

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

SEA-AIR-SPACE 2019--NATIONAL HARBOR, MARYLAND. High-performance computing specialist One Stop Systems has introduced its GPUltima rugged rack-scale artificial intelligence (AI) solution and is demonstrating its "AI on the Fly" system platforms at the Navy League?s Sea-Air-Space 2019 (SAS) exhibition.

The newly introduced GPUltima is a rugged, modular, rack-level system housed in mobile shelters that conducts RF spectrum signal analysis used for a government intelligence/surveillance/reconnaissance (ISR) application with sustained simultaneous ingest, processing, and storage up to 24 GB/s. The full system rack uses a single dual-processor server node to run up to 16 leading-edge FPGA [field-programmable gate array] signal-acquisition cards with 400 TB of solid-state NVMe storage, 14.3 petaflops of GPU compute acceleration. and an archival storage system.

According to company officials, its AI on the Fly solutions are different than traditional datacenter AI infrastructures in that they use the latest highest-speed commercial processing, input/output, networking, and storage technologies in harsh and rugged environments while meeting the exacting specifications for shock and vibration, redundancy, wide operating temperature range, altitude ranges, and uninterrupted power sources.

Steve Cooper, CEO of One Stop Systems, says of the platforms: “Our AI on the Fly solutions range from embedded deployments based on the Bressner suite of box PCs and custom CDI FPGA network interfaces to high-end deployments using multirack systems made up of ingest, compute, storage, and accelerator building blocks.”

Show attendees may visit One Stop Systems at Booth #1152.


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