Military Embedded Systems

Software modernization strategy published by DoD


March 28, 2022

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Department of Defense photo.

WASHINGTON. The Department of Defense's (DoD) Software Modernization Strategy was published Feb. 1. According to officials, the report focuses on how delivering a more lethal force would require the ability to evolve and adapt faster than adversaries.

Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen H. Hicks says that the department's adaptability increasingly relies on software and the ability to securely and rapidly deliver resilient software capability, making it a competitive advantage that will define future conflicts.

According to the announcement, the offices of the chief information officer, the undersecretaries of defense for acquisition and sustainment and research and engineering, as well as the software modernization senior steering group are involved in efforts to operationalize the strategy.

The goal, as explained in the strategy, is to provide cybersecure development, security, and operations in software factories, as well as cloud services and faster delivery of software in support of critical data and communications. Joint All-Domain Command and Control and artificial intelligence are highlighted as the primary initiatives to support.

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