Military Embedded Systems

Artificial intelligence impact on defense to be enormous, study says


April 26, 2021

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Gerd Altmann/Pixabay

LONDON. The future battlefield looks like an artificial-intelligence (AI)-assisted one, where human and machine work together, with AI conducting specific tasks more effectively than a person ever could, according to a new study from GlobalData, "Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Aerospace and Defense – Thematic Research."

AI technologies are rapidly evolving and are of paramount importance for the defense industry, say they study authors, with those players who lead in the adoption of AI standing to benefit hugely, as AI technology is set to make military operations more efficient, accurate, and powerful, while also offering long-term cost-cutting potential. 

The study also details how as the use of AI in defense mounts, ethical questions surrounding AI also arise, particularly around autonomous weapon systems. Moreover, the study authors show how the complexity of the defense acquisition process proves a deterrent for some commercial companies to partner with governments and the fact that cooperation on both sides is vital for technology procurement.

Additional information may be found at the GlobalData website

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