Military Embedded Systems

Intelligent Casia 360 DAA system announced for UAS


April 06, 2020

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Photo courtesy of Iris.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. Iris Automation announced the launch of Casia 360 – an onboard detect-and-avoid (DAA) solution with a 360-degree radial field of view to enable commercial Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

The Casia system is designed to allow a UAS to see and react to the aviation environment around the aircraft. Casia 360 is intended to detect other aircraft in all directions, uses computer-vision algorithms to classify them, makes intelligent decisions about the threat they may pose to the drone, then triggers an alert to the pilot in command and automates maneuvers to avoid collisions.

Casia is a combination of both hardware and software, with reduced size, weight, and power, composed of two onboard controllers and five long-range optical cameras providing a 360-degree field of view. The software is packaged in a self-contained embedded supercomputer that works with the machine vision cameras onboard.

The Casia technology has been tested with real-world test flights and mid-air collision scenarios flying various manned aircraft against UAS, over 12,000 real-world encounters and more than 50,000 encounters in simulation, according to the company.


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