Military Embedded Systems

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Data-centric mediation tools resolve the legacy source-code conundrum - Story

October 09, 2013
Government acquisition policies and contracts have assumed that source code equaled control of portability, extensibility, and interoperability. Unfortunately, control is an illusion. The reality is that the DoD now has millions of lines of code, divorced from their original architects and developers, that the government seeks to reuse - and it often costs more to reuse than to develop from scratch.

Easing legacy migration in Systems of Systems - Story

December 05, 2012
The next evolution of the legacy software migration will need to focus on flexibility, and should be architected to enable the construction of Systems of Systems.

Implementing net-centric tactical warfare systems - Story

July 08, 2008
Net-centric battlefield systems abstract data away from individual devices and provide a common infrastructure for disparate systems to exchange data across the tactical environment. Net-centric principles - making use of data-driven approaches such as those used in the Object Management Groups (OMG's) Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard - are being implemented in a variety of both new and existing tactical weapons systems.
Articles 1 - 3