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Bringing security to legacy systems for modern missions - Story

June 22, 2022

Many defense and aerospace processing systems are upgraded or refreshed rather than replaced for cost efficiency and to reduce out-of-service time.


Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA), unmanned vehicles, and trusted computing - Story

March 08, 2022

Today, with the increasing use of unmanned platforms to host intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance [ISR] sensor applications, system integrators need to ensure that the sensor systems and the critical data they collect and store are protected from falling into the wrong hands. By their very nature, unmanned platforms – whether airborne, on land, or at sea – pose more complex problems for security. All systems, regardless if deployed on manned or unmanned platforms, are now required to adhere to the Department of Defense (DoD) mandate for a Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA). The good news for unmanned ISR system designers is that The Open Group’s SOSA [Sensor Open System Architecture] Consortium recently released Technical Standard for SOSA Reference Architecture, Edition 1.0, which defines many aspects of trusted computing for sensor systems. The SOSA standard combines MOSA principles with security to enable the rapid and affordable deployment of secure sensor systems on unmanned platforms.


Establishing a root of trust: Trusted computing and Intel-based systems - Story

August 03, 2017
In the global defense-electronics market there is a growing demand for trusted computing solutions that carry effective protections against cyberattacks. Users want to be confident that when they power up their deployed embedded system, the code that their system is running can be trusted. In this sense,"trusted" means that the system is running only the software code that the system integrator intends it to, and that no other code - malicious or otherwise - has been added to it.

Developing effective hardware and software COTS security technologies - Story

August 17, 2016
The armed forces of the United States and its allies around the world rely on critical military technology that is under constant threat. These threats range from the reverse-engineering of systems lost on the battlefield to the accidental introduction of counterfeit components on the factory floor. In response, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) suppliers are more frequently being called upon to help users address rapidly expanding requirements for anti-tamper (AT) and cybersecurity or information assurance (IA) capabilities.

The year of 40 GbE - Story

June 13, 2013
System architects face many challenges in designing the next generation of ISR systems. They must keep up with the ever increasing amount of sensor data, follow an open systems approach, and make sure that the technology has a future road map.

U.S. Army's VICTORY ushers in the next COTS integration revolution - Story

December 05, 2012
The U.S. Army's VICTORY architecture leverages COTS to combat SWaP, costs, and share data in real time.

3U VPX poised to serve small UAVS - Story

July 27, 2012
As the DoD takes advantage of reductions in SWaP, smaller enclosures, such as 3U VPX, are reaping the benefit. However, today's 3U VPX backplane topologies will need to be retrofitted to fully capitalize on modern processing capabilities.

The VICTORY architecture drives COTS-based interoperability on combat vehicles - Story

April 18, 2012
The U.S. Army's VICTORY program looks to COTS to secure a win in defense vehicle networking.

DSP goes all digital to boost real-time sensor data analysis - Story

February 20, 2012
Digital electronics take DSP into High-Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) systems to optimize the fuel/data communications and system functionality/SWaP envelopes.

Lead-free technology in mil/aero electronics - Story

December 16, 2011
Reports, standards, best practices, and solutions are being generated in regard to the reliability concerns of lead-free electronics in A&D applications.

Defense trends lead to a COTS renaissance - Story

October 12, 2011
The COTS industry is positioned perfectly to meet the DoD?s changing demands for affordable and mature technological alternatives that ensure reliability and product road maps.

PCOTS versus LRU: COTS moving up the integration food chain - Story

September 02, 2011
Advantages in cost, design risk, and time-to-market, plus the ability to leverage LRUs into a packaged subsystem, have PCOTS on the rise; even as fully integrated systems.

Understanding FMC interoperability - Story

July 25, 2011
As FMCs continue to increase in popularity it is important to be familiar with the differences between different classes of FMC cards.

AVX: A leap forward for DSP performance - Story

June 20, 2011
AVX delivers doubled performance over AltiVec, and leaves the door open for a long future in DSP applications.

The growth of IP communications drives advances in embedded military data security - Story

April 29, 2011
Multiple threats demand innovative security measures: Ethernet security technologies provide multifunctional, multi-layered responses that offer a more dynamic defense than software-based security methodologies.

Off-the-shelf radiation resilience: A case for RADHARD COTS - Story

April 11, 2011
RADHARD COTS double as an earthbound fallout shelter for ground vehicle sensors, displays, control systems, communications, and other electronic applications.

Open standards for digital video drive common infrastructure - Story

February 21, 2011
Gaining video sensor data interoperability combined with open standards and a common infrastructure network will allow COTS vendors to keep up with sensor growth in military platforms that provide critical missions support and save lives.

Strategies for mitigating the threat of counterfeit devices - Story

December 09, 2010
The issue of counterfeit devices is highly problematic in mission-, life-, and safety-critical applications, but strategies can be employed to ensure components are exactly what they appear to be.

The promise of Open APIs: Is write-once software in our future? - Story

October 06, 2010
The embedded military market is poised to take the next big leap in improving time to deployment through the adoption of Open APIs to speed system application development. Open APIs can ease heterogeneous hardware technology integration, drastically cutting time, cost, and complexity for building larger multimode systems.

Taking video display/distribution further: Getting to 360 degree situational awareness - Story

September 10, 2010
The High Definition (HD) video commercial market has increased the number of camera and sensor types and the resolution of flat-panel displays. In turn, this has motivated designers of video distribution systems for military ground vehicles to seek ways to deliver 360? Situational Awareness Systems (360? SASs) while respecting the Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) limitations of existing ground-vehicle platforms.
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