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UFOs and the kill web


July 29, 2020

Ray Alderman

VITA Standards Organization

Early flights of the U-2 in the 1950s were thought by some to be a UFO in the sky. Photo courtesy of Lockheed Martin

WARFARE EVOLUTION BLOG. In late 2013, Combat Aircraft Monthly magazine published an article about the Iranian military’s encounters with UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). The article states that in November 2004 and again in January 2012, the Iranian Air Force scrambled their fighter planes to intercept unidentified aircraft flying over their secret nuclear facilities. The pilots reported that the invading aircraft were spherical, emitted a greenish light, executed maneuvers that defied the laws of physics, disabled the electronic systems onboard their fighter planes, and flew away at MACH 10 (7672 MPH). Iranian authorities insisted that these unidentified aircraft were advanced-technology reconnaissance drones flown by America’s CIA. This incident, among many others, demands that we explore UFOs and how they fit in the kill web.

Let’s start by keeping Arthur C. Clarke's third law in mind: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

To employ critical thinking about UFOs, we need to ask some questions. What do they look like? In 1440 BC, the Tulli Papyrus records the appearance of fiery disks in the sky over ancient Egypt. Titus Livius wrote about “phantom ships in the sky” over Rome in 218 BC. In 1591, a newspaper in Nuremberg documented the sighting of triangles, globes, tubes, and crescents flying over the city.

In March of 1639, James Everell observed a bright light over a tributary of the Charles River near Boston. When it was stationary in the air, it flamed-up. When it sped off, it turned into the shape of a pig. Maybe this is where the old Scottish adynaton “when pigs fly” comes from? This event was the first UFO sighting in America, recorded by John Winthrop, the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. From 1800 to 1940, most documented UFOs were glowing orbs, not flaming pigs.

George Adamski’s pictures from the 1950s recorded them as flying saucers, which spawned a plethora of both frightening and hilarious sci-fi movies I saw as a kid. Watching those old films would be time well spent as we endure the COVID-19 restrictions. Start with the original "The Day The Earth Stood Still." Then, watch "Earth vs The Flying Saucers." After viewing those two, you will be prepared for the ultimate classic: "Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman" (Nancy was just a normal-size woman with a drinking problem, until she encountered a Venusian from a crashed UFO). We’ll come back to Nancy later.

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Through the 1990s, UFOs took the shape of saucers, orbs, and diamonds. In April 2020, the U.S. Navy declassified three UFO videos (“FLIR1”, “GOFAST”, and “GIMBLE”), recorded by their fighter pilots. One incident was from 2004, and the other two were from 2015. The shape of the UFOs was described as "Tic Tacs," oblong with rounded ends. You can view these official videos on the web if you’re curious. In 2017, the first observed interstellar object, Oumuamua, passed through our solar system. It was cigar-shaped. Harvard scientists claim that it could be an alien spaceship or probe. So now you know what UFOs look like.

At this point, we need physical evidence. Have any of these UFOs crashed on earth? According to many reports, Yes. The first recorded crash was in April 1897 in Aurora, Texas. Another crashed in the spring of 1941 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Starting in 1945, seven UFOs crashed in New Mexico: San Antonio (August 1945), the Corona debris field near Roswell (June 1947), San Augustin (2 July 1947), south of Roswell (4 July 1947), Haut/Corso (4 July 1947), the Capitan Mountains (sometime in 1947), and Aztec (March 1948). In the interest of full disclosure, I made my first appearance on this planet during the flurry of crashes in New Mexico.

After 1947, UFOs pilots got better at flying. I found only two additional references to crashes, one in Nova Scotia (October 1967) and one in Russia (January 1986). In some of these crashes, especially the Corona debris field, alien bodies were supposedly recovered along with large remnants of the aircraft. According to reports, the debris and bodies were swiftly removed from the crash site by authorities and taken to secret military research facilities. Sources on the web make unverified claims that samples of strange substances found in the crashed UFOs were given to commercial companies to reverse-engineer. That’s how we got Velcro, WD-40, and the bacon-double-cheeseburger.

Where do UFOs come from? There are two basic theories: (1) they come from advanced civilizations on planets in far-away galaxies, or (2) the exotic craft were built in complete secrecy by scientists on earth. Theory-1 will unwittingly drag us into the Drake Equation, Fermi’s Paradox, the 10 spacial dimensions in quantum equations, the Kardashev Scale, and wormholes, so it’s best that we concentrate on Theory-2 here and use some examples to support our conclusions. Back in 1942, Bell Aircraft was building the first jet-powered fighter plane for the Army Air Corps, the Airacomet XP-59. It was a top secret project. All airplanes at that time used propellers for propulsion, so anytime the prototype was moved around on the airfield, a wooden propeller was attached to the plane’s nose to avoid drawing attention.

The Bell test pilot for the XP-59 was Jack Woolams. He knew that his flights from the remote Muroc Army Airfield (now Edwards AFB) would take him into airspace where P-38 pilots were training. So, he wore a gorilla mask, a derby hat, and had a cigar in his mouth when he flew the new jet fighter around. He would fly up close to those P-38s, tip his derby, and fly away. When those P-38 pilots landed, they would report seeing an aircraft with no propeller, being flown by a gorilla smoking a cigar. Their commanders would convince the young flyers that they were just seeing things, so they quit reporting their observations and the XP-59 remained secret. There are some pictures of Woolams wearing his mask, derby, and cigar, sitting in the cockpit of the XP-59, on the web.

In the early 1950s, the Air Force needed a reconnaissance plane, to fly at 70,000 feet and spy on Russia. So, Kelly Johnson at Lockheed Aircraft’s Skunkworks designed and built one in secret. It was called the U-2 Dragon Lady. The U-2’s advantage was altitude: no known enemy fighter planes or missiles could go up that high. The aircraft was sent to Area-51 for flight tests in 1955. If it was seen in the air during test flights, the official “cover story” was that the strange-looking aircraft conducted weather research. The general public didn’t know about the U-2 until the Russians designed high-altitude missiles and shot-down Dragon Lady #56-6693 in May 1960 near Sverdiovsk.

In the late 1950s the CIA went back to Lockheed and asked for a new spy plane that could fly higher and faster than the U-2. If advanced Russian missiles could hit targets at 70,000 feet, then the new plane needed a low radar cross section (to avoid Russian radar) and fly faster than Russian missiles. Primarily, speed was the new sought-after advantage, not altitude. Again, Kelly Johnson at Lockheed’s Skunkworks took-over the project (Archangel) and built the A-12 Oxcart in secret. It could fly at 85,000 feet, reach speeds close to MACH 3 (2300 MPH), and had an RCS of 10 square meters. The A-12 flew for the first time at Area-51 in April 1962, and eventually morphed into the SR-71 designation. During my days in Army Intelligence, I saw SR-71s coming back from missions over enemy territory, landing at Kadena AFB in Okinawa. They were never on the ground for more than a minute or two before they disappeared into a covered hanger. No enemy missiles or fighter planes ever got close to an SR-71 over the 30+ years of secret reconnaissance missions. They were ghosts to our enemies.

How do UFOs behave? They can hover, rapidly accelerate from stationary to MACH 10 in a few seconds, dive into the ocean, make right-angle turns at high speeds, and emerge from the ocean at high velocities. They can do all this with no detectable signs of engine exhaust gases, instability, or noise, so their propulsion systems do not involve the combustion of conventional fuels. Let’s examine high-speed right angle turns first. Any known aircraft performing that maneuver would experience what air force pilots call the “RUD” phenomenon (Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly). But there might be a way to escape Newton’s first law of motion, with an anti-inertial mass-reduction device. Want to see one? Look at patent US10144532B2, owned by the Navy.

How can an aircraft fly at hypersonic speeds without engines that combust fuel? By using an anti-gravity wave generator, of course. Want to see one of those? Check out patent US20180229864A1. That one is owned by the Navy too. Are other companies working on these technologies? Yes, look at the Nagarjuna patents (WO2001009509A2, WO2001009509A3). There are other patents recently granted, for superconducting devices that allow a craft to fly in both air and water.

The technologies used in the XP-59, U-2, and SR-71 projects noted above, and the performance of those platforms, hardly qualify as Clarke’s idea of magic, not when compared to the flight characteristics of observed UFOs. That leads us to Theory-3, a combination of Theory-1 and Theory-2: American scientists on earth secretly reverse-engineered some of the extreme technologies discovered in the crashed UFOs from New Mexico, that originated in advanced civilizations on planets in far-away galaxies, and those scientists have been building and flying prototypes of those UFO technologies since the 1950s. They are still shaking-out the bugs using platforms like the RQ-170 Sentinel drone, the B-2 and B-21 bombers, the F-22 and F-35 fighters, the Boeing X-37 spaceplane, the Navy’s MQ-25 Stingray unmanned aerial tanker plane, the new SR-72 reconnaissance plane, and other secret prototypes. As those captured UFO technologies are better understood and refined, they are being integrated into the kill web. You must admit that the flying wing aircraft (RQ-170, B-2, B-21, MQ-25) are starting to look like flying saucers, and the hypersonic weapons under development (the Waverider and Avanguard) look like a triangles.

Back in June, the Senate Intelligence Committee approved a requirement that the Pentagon compile and release a report on all information they hold about UFOs by the end of 2020 (that bill has not passed the full Senate yet). The report must be unclassified, but may include a classified annex. I suspect we will see a two-page unclassified section and a 50,000-page classified annex, so I am not hopeful that we will learn anything new if the bill passes.

Where does 50-foot Nancy fit into all this? According to Galileo's square-cube law, she could not survive on this planet. The square of the increase in her height gives us a measure of her strength, while the cube of her increase in height gives us a measure of her weight. Let’s assume that normal-Nancy is 5 feet tall (to make the math simple). After her experience with the Venusian, she grew to 50 feet tall, 10 times her normal height. Her other physical attributes would also increase proportionately. So, the ability of 50-foot Nancy’s bigger bones to support weight (cross-sectional area) would be 10 squared, or 100 times the strength of normal-Nancy's bones.

However, her volume would go up by 10 cubed and so would her weight. If normal-Nancy weighed 100 pounds, 50-foot Nancy would weigh 1,000 times more, or 100,000 pounds. 100X stronger bones cannot support 1,000X more weight. One step and she would instantly collapse into a large pile of organic goo. The maximum height that a human can achieve and still survive on this planet is about 9 feet. Could we see a company of 50-foot combat soldiers participating in the kill web in a few years? Yes, just look at the Boston Dynamics Atlas robot. It’s only 6.5 feet tall today, but it can be built with carbon fiber or graphene bones, scaled-up, and evade the square-cube law. Clarke would definitely see 50-foot robotic soldiers as magic, and so would our enemies.

There’s a lot more UFO stuff on the web to explore, but we’ll stop at this point so you can go watch those 1950s flying saucer movies. Although the new technologies going into the kill web today are impressive, they have not yet reached Clarke’s level of magic. Just give the scientists a little more time to figure-out how the technologies salvaged from the UFOs in New Mexico actually work.

Next time, we’ll explore where the idea for the kill web came from, and the people who thought it up. I’d love to sit and talk with those people.


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