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Royal Danish F-16s get night-attack technology from VSI


October 02, 2012

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

SAN JOSE, Calif. Engineers at Vision Systems International (VSI), LLC, will supply the Royal Danish air force (RDAF) with their Night Vision Cueing and Display-Aviator’s Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVCD-ANVIS) technology, which is the night module for the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS).

The capability enables night-time target acquisition through the display of JHMCS targeting cues and aircraft performance parameters directly on the Night Vision Goggles image. It allows the pilot to accurately cue onboard weapons and sensors against hostile aircraft and ground targets without needing to aggressively turn the aircraft or place the target in a Head-Up Display (HUD) field-of-view for designation. The use of the NVCD-ANVIS also necessitates no changes to the JHMCS, or to the aircraft’s software or hardware.

The RDAF is VSI’s first international user for the NVCD-ANVIS technology. VSI is a joint venture between Elbit Systems of America, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd. and Rockwell Collins.


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