Military Embedded Systems

FACE conformance achieved by two Collins Aerospace software products


June 28, 2021

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Collins Aerospace image.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. Collins Aerospace, company specializing in developing open systems architecture avionics, recently received new Conformance Certificates from The Open Group Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) for two software products. Collins Aerospace is a unit of Raytheon Technologies Corp.

The Collins Aerospace Mission Flight Management Software (MFMS-1000) and Localizer Performance and Vertical Guidance Calculator (LPVC-1000), which are designed to provide mature software centric solutions on multiple aircraft types, are the two Collins software applications to receive the certification.

The recently updated MFMS-1000 is engineered to provide global civil airspace access with integration of existing mission flight management capabilities in a portable, software-only solution. Its design is intended to maximize portability across aircraft platforms while minimizing time needed to field Required Navigation Performance and Area Navigation (RNP and RNAV) flight procedure capabilities.

The LPVC-1000 is a software component that is designed to enable fixed and rotary wing aircraft to perform more accurate satellite-based approaches and landings. The design of this software product, along with its conformance to the FACE Technical Standard, allows utilization of the LPVC-1000 across numerous aircraft types for all branches of the military.


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