Military Embedded Systems

5G Communications, Computing and Control for the Warfighter


October 22, 2020

The Edge is transforming! Enabling cloud capability on the edge in a tactical environment is an emerging trend. It refers to a paradigm shift which is migrating the computation and storage of the data closer to where the data is generated or needed, instead of getting the data from remote locations in the cloud. The appropriate computing and storage power, optimized and balanced, is needed at or near the edge to reduce latency of critical information while reducing the waste of space and energy in traditional centralized systems. The goal is to provide the computing power and data aggregation as close to the warfighter as possible. IoT devices at the edge need to be able to convey the needed information quickly and clearly and in as near real time as possible. To do this IoT devices need to be smarter, faster, smaller and able to communicate over any available communications system while being able to utilize self-forming and self-healing network topologies and techniques. One of the fundamental capabilities of this new model is to provide the needed information on the Tactical Edge while relying on low bandwidth networks when that is all that is available.

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