Military Embedded Systems

Protected tactical waveform demonstrated on small, lightweight, modem by Raytheon


October 15, 2013

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

MARLBOROUGH, MA. Raytheon engineers demonstrated a new unclassified waveform that enables sensitive data to be passed through small, low-cost satellite terminals. Tactical users such as forward deployed forces or remotely piloted aircraft, would be able to use this technology to operate missions more securely and reliably than in environments where communications can be jammed.

Th demonstration used a smaller less expensive modem and involved key elements of the protected tactical waveform similar to Advanced Extremely High Frequency. The technology enables flexibility across frequency bands and the new tactical waveform can operate on multiple bands including Q, X, and Ka. The waveform brings secure, anti-jam, low probability of intercept capabilities that are not available today on unprocessed or unprotected satellites, according to Raytheon.

This waveform demonstration is the first of three phases under a U.S. Air Force study called the Design for Affordability and Risk Reduction. Raytheon was one of two companies chosen .


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