Military Embedded Systems

Technology to fix electronics in the field adopted by U.S. Marine Corps


January 04, 2021

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

U.S. Marine Corps photo.

ARLINGTON, Va. The U. S. Marine Corps announced that its Marine Corps Systems Command will field an upgraded maintenance system that enables repair of circuit cards within electronics, communications, and other systems used by Marine personnel. 

The system -- to be known as the Circuit Card Assembly Test Station (CCATS) -- is a shelter-mountable unit that Marines will use to diagnose and repair circuit cards for any system that contains that type of electronic module. The CCATS will enable USMC communications and electronics maintainers to analyze and compare faulted circuits; repair circuit card runs, substrates, and connectors; and remove and replace faulted components such as transistors and capacitors. The CCATS will be used to troubleshoot and repair everything from radios, power systems, and vehicle computers to weapons and optical systems.

“CCATS enables electronic module repairs to be accomplished at the lowest practical maintenance level,” said Jorge Ruiz, the project officer for CCATS. “In laymen terms, CCATS allows Marines to fix their own gear.”

Marines at III Marine Expeditionary Force, stationed in the Pacific, will be among the first to receive this equipment in the second quarter of fiscal year 2021; I MEF (Camp Pendleton) and II MEF (Camp Lejeune) are expected to receive the system in fiscal year 2022.

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