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Lockheed Martin successfully powers on SV-02 GPS III satellite; four more to follow


January 29, 2014

DENVER. The Lockheed Martin-GPS III team has passed a production milestone by successfully turning on power to the bus and network communications equipment payload of the second GPS III Space Vehicle 2 (SV-02) satellite.

“The GPS III SV-02 bus power on is a significant milestone, positioning SV-02 in line with the Air Force’s first GPS III space vehicle, SV-01, in our GPF, says Mark Stewart, VP for Lockheed Martin’s Navigation Systems. Both the SV-01 and SV-02 satellites are now undergoing testing specifically designed for affordable and efficient satellite production, Stewart continues.

The goals of the GPS III program are to affordably replace aging GPS satellites as well as improve the capability to meet the ever-increasing demands of civilian, commercial, and military users. The GPS III satellites will also deliver three times the accuracy, eight times improved jamming capabilities, as well as a 25 percent life increase over prior GPS satellites.

Lockheed Martin is under contract for production of four more GPS III satelittes, for a total of six (SV 01-06).

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