Military Embedded Systems

Solving Reliability and SWaP Requirements in Space and Defense Systems


June 13, 2023

Military and commercial space applications such as satellite payloads and positioning systems continue to put pressure on designers for highly reliable interconnect technology that can meet stricter reduced size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements as well as signal-integrity performance demands.

Funding for space applications continues to grow within the Department of Defense (DoD) as complex adversarial threats proliferate. Systems must not only show performance capability but must also be reliable for the extreme environments outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

To meet these challenges, space and defense integrators will leverage interconnected solutions that can operate reliably at micro and nano levels in these conditions.

In this white paper, design engineers will learn:

  • How to navigate changes in industry requirements for connectors for space applications
  • Design challenges for wiring and flex boards
  • Ways to address ruggedization obstacles in military and commercial space applications
  • How today’s miniaturized connectors manage reduced SWaP demands

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