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Raytheon Advanced Distributed Aperture System to use Mercury processing systems - News

May 01, 2012
CHELMSFORD, Mass. Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems (SAS) officials selected Mercury Computer Systems to provide an advanced sensor processing subsystem for Raytheon?s Multi-function Image Processor (MIP Application-Ready Subsystem (ARS) as well as integration services for Raytheon?s Advanced Distributed Aperture System (ADAS).

New demands on ISR require new technologies and systems - Story

June 20, 2011
Defense prime contractors building highly advanced systems for the DoD are facing the perfect storm of challenges: enemy threats that require highly sophisticated and advanced technology in ISR systems coupled with Defense Acquisition Reform (DAR) guidelines that demand shared risk and the delivery of better solutions, faster and for less money. To weather this storm requires an entirely new, open standards based, approach.

VITA 65 in record time - Interview with Dr. Ian Dunn, Chief Technology Officer, Advanced Computing Solutions, Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. - Story

December 09, 2010
Editor's Note: Gone are the days when a VITA spec takes years to become a reality. The following interview is a behind-the-scenes look at why OpenVPX was born and how it achieved rapid ANSI approval. Editor Chris Ciufo interviewed Ian Dunn shortly after ANSI blessed the spec. Edited excerpts follow.

Using a rapidly evolving ecosystem to develop optimized OpenVPX systems - Story

October 06, 2010
OpenVPX (VITA 65) design principles and a rapidly maturing component ecosystem support development of next-generation embedded computing systems.

Scalable, rack-mount MicroTCA box - Product

July 26, 2010
One European vendor recently revealed that their robust 1,500 unit MicroTCA backlog demonstrates the market's keen interest in using Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) COTS boards, but in a smaller and complete rack-mount chassis.

Case study: OpenVPX systems help deliver UAV program quickly - Story

June 21, 2010
The OpenVPX standard's interoperability and Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) support features allow it to quickly resolve issues and reduce time to integration.

ISR subsystem makes things a lot easier - Product

June 01, 2010
Wouldn't life be easier if engineers could just put an entire already-made subsystem into their design and move on, exponentially speeding development time and ease?