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A Bottom-Up Approach to 5G Network Slicing Security in User Equipment


March 08, 2021

5G networks have become an integral part of the global digital economy and the communication infrastructure that corporations, government, and military organizations will rely on for the foreseeable future. These networks’ success will depend on their ability to overcome a growing number of cyber threats. All elements of their infrastructure, along with the user equipment (UE) that accesses them, should be rigorously tested.

Securing 5G UE products against cyber threats requires a “bottom-up” approach where security is an integral part of the design that begins in the early stages of development, and every stage of functional verification includes testing for potential vulnerabilities, ensuring strict compliance with 5G’s protocols and security standards.

Anritsu’s white paper provides an overview of Network Slicing, as well as how to use testing and verification of network slicing functionality as part of a bottom-up strategy for designing secure and reliable connections.

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