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CodeSonar Visualization gets new enhancements to help detect code defects


February 26, 2013

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

NUREMBERG, Germany. Engineers at GrammaTech, Inc., announced today at Embedded World in Nuremberg new enhancements their CodeSonar product's software architecture visualization features. They include a new treemap view that enables users to more easily see the hierarchical structure of code in a information-dense form. This view also uses colorization to highlight the density of defects in modules so users can identify the code's most problematic parts.

The call graph is organized by module structure. Users can drill down to view an enhanced level of detail, choose different layouts that include treemap, circuit, cluster, flow, radial, and other layouts, as well as attach persistent notes to the diagram. Transitions such as zooming or layout changes also are fluid and real-time.

For more about CodeSonar Visualization, read "Code analysis tool zooms like Google Earth when analyzing millions of lines of code."

“The visualization capabilities of CodeSonar allow developers to quickly gain an understanding of very large code bases and potential vulnerabilities,” says Paul Anderson, vice president of Engineering at GrammaTech. “CodeSonar visualization scales to tens of millions of lines of code and is designed to show what is appropriate for the current level of abstraction.”

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