Military Embedded Systems

Real-time ISR data network contract signed between U.S. Navy and BAE Systems


August 24, 2022

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Image courtesy BAE Systems

FALLS CHURCH, Va. BAE Systems has awarded the U.S. Navy  a contract worth $42.6 million for production of seven Network Tactical Common Data Link (NTCDL) systems, which will enable the Navy to simultaneously transmit and receive real-time intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance data from multiple sources and enables the exchange of command and control information over multiple data links. 

The NTCDL system -- which is intended for installation on Navy aircraft carriers and the new Constellation class frigates -- enhances situational awareness and tactical battlefield advantage through real-time exchange of voice, data, imagery, and full-motion video from air, surface, subsurface, and man-portable sources. The BAE Systems modular system will enable personnel in the field to maintain multiple, simultaneous, networked operations using currently fielded Common Data Links equipment; it is also set up to support next-generation manned and unmanned platforms.

Under the terms of the contract, work will be performed at BAE Systems facilities in Wayne, N.J.; Greenlawn, N.Y.; and teammate sites around the U.S. 

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