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Star Lab releases capability to secure KVM hypervisors with Titanium for KVM


January 25, 2024

Image courtesy Star Lab

WASHINGTON. Mission-critical software protection company Star Lab released Titanium for KVM, its response to the growing need for an easily implemented security solution for kernel-based virtual machines (KVM).

The culmination of a multi-year effort, this solution extends Star Lab’s Titanium Technology Protection capabilities to support the KVM host, an open-source virtualization technology that turns Linux into a hypervisor.  

Developed in response to the growing use of virtualization in U.S. defense and industrial systems, including increasing adoption of KVM in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) systems, Titanium for KVM extends Titanium Technology Protection capabilities to provide safety and security for this critical component in the system stack. Star Lab's Titanium Technology Protection is a comprehensive technology protection solution for Linux-based mission-critical systems in Aerospace and Defense, that counters cyber and technology protection threats with capabilities including secure boot, data-at-rest protections, mandatory access controls, kernel hardening, and now, security for KVM-based virtualization.  

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