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Conquer Mission-Critical Operations with SP Industrial’s Military and Defense Solutions

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December 02, 2020

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Military and defense applications demand the most robust and reliable systems for mission-critical operations. Without protective technologies, these systems cannot survive the harsh conditions that these applications must endure; these include extreme vibrations and shocks, wide temperature ranges, and high altitude and humidity. Furthermore, systems, and their memory, must be able to respond reliably and accurately in any scenario, benign or hostile. SP Industrial offers rugged and secure industrial-grade solutions that meet the critically important needs of military and defense applications.

SP Industrial’s Rugged and Secure Solutions

SP Industrial is laser-focused on three key areas when designing devices for military and defense applications: speed, security, and sanitization.

Reliable High Speed and Durable Lifespan for Critical Situations
Military and defense systems require reliable high-speed data transfer rates to capture, process, and distribute data in both benign and hostile environments. Read and write speeds of a military-grade SSD echo that of non-encrypting commercial drives. However, when used in defense systems, SP Industrial’s military-grade SSDs surpass their commercial counterparts with the ability to maintain sustained read/write rates during extreme temperature exposure (-40°C to 85°C), thermal shock conditions, mechanical shock conditions, high vibration conditions, or any combination of these. In addition, our 2.5” SATA III SSD 700 series with SLC flash technology can endure up to 60K PE cycles, while our 550 series with pseudo SLC flash technology can endure up to 30K PE cycles, for a longer and more durable lifespan.

Extra Security Measures for Uncompromised Confidentiality
All secure SSDs use cryptographic algorithms built in to the controller to encrypt every bit of data stored. Most self-encrypting drives are designed with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit in XTS block cipher mode to protect data. With a high entropy key value, AES 256-bit XTS encryption is virtually impossible to break, even by the fastest supercomputers of today. All of SP Industrial’s SSDs are equipped with AES 256-bit data encryption to keep data secure and safe.

Furthermore, SP Industrial’s SSDs are compliant with TCG/Opal 2.0, which is one of the main security standards for self-encrypting drives today. Storage devices that are compliant with these standards provide advantages over software-based encryption in terms of performance, security, and management. With the implementation of hardware encryption, users can benefit from better performance. There is no burden on the host system and no extra host encryption elements required because all security functions take place within the device itself. And, hardware-based security can be more effectively restricted from outside access. When TCG/Opal features are enabled, our SSDs follow TCG/Opal 2.0 standards and integrate encryption of data at rest.

Thorough Sanitization to Prevent Unauthorized Access
There are scenarios when data must be rapidly wiped from the drive upon demand. The fast erase and sanitization protocols integrated into SP Industrial’s secure SSDs address this scenario. The fast erase clears the drive’s encryption key within a fraction of a second and all NAND flash within a couple of seconds. Sanitization occurs when all blocks of the drive are erased and overwritten with random data; this process is repeated numerous times. This can take minutes to tens of minutes to complete depending on the number of overwrite operations, keeping sensitive data from being accessed without authorization.

Closing Thoughts
SP Industrial focuses on reliable, stable, and secure performance when creating industrial-grade SSDs. We also ensure that they are rugged enough to function smoothly, even in harsh or hostile environments, thanks to extensive testing. As applications for military and defense systems become increasingly more complex in the 5G and AIoT era, we will continue to employ the latest in protection technology to keep data secure within our industrial-grade SSDs as well as engineer them with rugged enclosures, military-grade components, and NAND flash from trusted sources to uphold their durability.

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